Follow Marcel’s eye and discover the story of Rochas.

From the beginnings of the Parisian Couture house founded by Marcel Rochas to the birth of iconic fragrances such as Femme and Eau de Rochas, follow Marcel and Hélène Rochas through a love story driven by the passion for creation.

Dive into sophisticated fashion and refined luxury, between elegance and femininity. Go all over the codes of a house celebrating Parisian chic with audacity since 1925, whose heritage is reinterpreted today by Alessandro Dell’Acqua.


Always elegant, Rochas audacity never fails to astonish.

Fortune smiles upon those who dare.

Eau de Rochas is the audacious fragrance of freedom.

Marcel Rochas established the rules of feminine sophistication.

Hélène Rochas, a daring and art-loving businesswoman...

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